How to eject DVD after installation

Is something similar to the RHEL kickstart command “reboot --eject” in AutoYAST?

I created a similar topic under Programming/Scripting but thought it might be more appropriate here. I deleted the old topic. I see that it’s still visible despite having no responses. It’s not as deleted as I hoped.

I usually use dolphin and just select the eject option

But you know that the topic is about AutoYAST?

When using AutoYAST no physical medium (like DVD) is needed. When you work with the ISO there shouldn’t be the need to eject the DVD. You could also work with a USB stick or a centralized server. So you may elaborate on your needs and thoughts what you want to achive…

I’m working on an appliance. When the installer finishes installing, it reboots. I want it to then boot directly into the operating system instead of going to the boot menu from the DVD. This is to avoid any confusion and prevent anyone from accidentally starting two installations in a row when the DVD has a higher boot priority than the local hard disk.

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Try simply preventing automatic reboot?:


The system needs to reboot eventually. Preventing automatic reboot would only delay the problem.