How to dual boot win7using GRUB2?

Hello Linuxers!

I am totally fresh with opensuse, and I am trying to dual boot Windows7 and openSUSE12.3.
But there is a problem.

Windows7 is already installed in the second primary partition (the first one is the Recovery, hidden.), now I want
to install opensuse12.3 in a logical partition. During this time, I found some options that I don’t know how to deal with:

(bootloader is GRUB2)

  1. Boot from Master Boot Record
  2. Boot from Root Partition
  3. Boot from Boot Partition
  4. Boot from Extended Partition
  5. Custom Boot Partition

It’s multiple-choice, you can choose more than one. How to do?

Thanks a lot!

One of my desktop with win7,and tumbleweed I installed 12.3
on the last partition I created and let grub2 decide where to put it.
But before going to the installation I first checked where it wants to go
and I saw it choose the extended partition.
When installation was finish, it took over the booting for all the os (win 7 and tumbleweed)
I am new to grub2 and this is the only thing I can say as I observed how the openSUSE 12.3
was installed.

One thing more is when I used the grub2-efi there was no choices and when the boot loader
was installed, openSUSE tumbleweed still managed the os loading process but I can seem to
have the nice animated bootsplash of openSUSE 12.3 and it is booting via text mode.

GRUB2-EFI is so good. But it’s a pity that I don’t have the Windows Installation DVD. The OEM version
was built in the HDD. It seems that the GRUB2-EFI could be available only if I buy a DVD and install my
Windows again.:’(