How to dual boot suse 12.1 and winxp, partition error

Hello all. This method should work with window 7 as well. If you get a partition error installing a dual boot system, use this to get around it.

Boot winxp dvd and follow install to first boot. Let it reboot to startup bios screen.

Pause or stop it, so you can swap winxp dvd with suse dvd. Reboot to suse installer.

Install suse completely. Install updates, etc.

Reboot to grub loader. Move cursor once to pause it. Swap suse dvd for winxp dvd.

Select windows boot. Continue the winxp install as normal. Install updates, etc.

This should get your dual boot system running normally. Enjoy… :slight_smile:

So lord_valarian, I am very happy you got both Windows XP and openSUSE installed this way, but really, you can allow Windows XP to complete its entire installation before installing openSUSE. Also, be aware that installing Windows Service Packs seems to work best while the Windows XP partition is still set as active and may not work properly (installing windows services packs) after you install openSUSE if the Windows partition is no longer set as active. You have two installation options for the openSUSE Grub boot loader, one is to install grub into the MBR (which can allow the Windows partition to remain active) or to install grub into the openSUSE root / partition (which requires the / partition to be set active). None the less, I am happy you got your installation working just as you want.

Thank You,