how to download whole respository?


I am just wondering how can we download whole repository (including everything) such as:

and create it as local repository?

Thank you very much.


13.2 is out of support.

On 01/29/2017 04:26 AM, Sauerland wrote:
> 13.2 is out of support.

The OP didn’t ask if 13.2 was still under support but how to make a copy
of the repo!

To the OP: look into using rsync for making a copy. Once you do use
YaST–>Repositories to add a local repo.

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How to

No point of rsyncing since 13.2 is dead and no longer receives updates

Yes, 13.2 is dead and no longer receives official updates.
But the science repo does get updates, and they still are published for 13.2 too currently.

Did not know that so you could setup a periodic rsync from that repo to keep local repos up todate