How to dock Kontact in system tray


I started using Kmail instead if thunderbird today and found it very nice. Then I thought to use Kontact and it found it really incredible. A very nice application to access your mails, feeds, calendar, etc.

Now I want to dock Kontact in my system tray like Kmail or Korganizer, so that it remains running even when I close the main window and can open it from system tray.

I could not find any settings for this. Any suggestions.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

tried alltray ? AllTray: Application Docking Software
in the repo here:-


Hey Thanks,

Nice application. Installed and working fine :slight_smile:

Glad to help,now enjoy :slight_smile:


I know i could minimize it to tray without AllTray when i had Akregator installed and running and when having the kontact window open and switching to akregator or something and then clicking the icon in tray hid it. So i didn’t need alltray. I may be mistaken but if you have akregator running in kontact then it will show the akregator’s icon in the tray so clicking it (the tray icon) will minimize it.

I have the kmail icon in my tray. It is not the kontact icon, but when I click on it kontact opens with kmail showing.

Settings->Configure Kontact
Go to Mail->Appearance
Look for the system tray tab. click the checkbox for Enable System Tray icon, then choose Always Show Kmail in the System Tray.

This gives me the kmail icon. I can click on it and minimize to the tray and restore from the tray. No other software needed.

I don’t know if this is something the OP is looking for or not. It works for me, and thought it might work the OP.

Yes it works as you said, but when I click on Akregator icon in system tray it opens Akregator and not kmail.


By you reply, it seems it is what I want :). I will let you know once I try it…

Thanks :slight_smile: