How to do a xfs disk check of and encrypted /home partition

Sometime (about 1 out of 5 time) during boot the boot process stops and hangs after entering the /home encryption password.

it just does not go further than telling me that a start job is running for /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxx

I though to do a xfs check on the disk - but how would I do this since the disk has to be unmounted - and I guess also decrypted?

Running openSUSE eap 15.3

In other words, the Partition as such is encrypted and, within that encryption there’s an XFS Filesystem?

Please be aware that, XFS filesystems perform automatic filesystem checking when mounted.
And, there are very few known issues related to running XFS filesystems within encrypted partitions.

  • Bring the system into the systemd “Rescue” mode.
  • The disks will still be mounted and, the partition encryption will still be running.
  • Simply unmount the XFS filesystem (assuming that it’s a user partition and not a system partition) and then,
  • Check the status of the encrypted partition – “cryptsetup status” – and then,
  • Run “xfs_repair
    ” on the unmounted filesystem within the LUKS partition.