How to distribute modified OpenSuse Dovecot run file

I am working on updating the Shupp toaster, Bill’s Linux Qmail Toaster v. 0.9.2 a set of files and instructions for installing qmail, vpopmail, qmailadmin and squirrelmail. Two of my most important goals are switching the imap program from courier to Dovecot, and closer integration with OpenSuSE. (Which I run my mail servers on.)

I need to come up with a /etc/rc.d/dovecot file slightly different from the one in the SuSE package. Currently I am using a modified copy of the file from OpenSuSE 11.0. I don’t think I have rights to distribute the modified file.

What is the best way for me to provide a SuSE compatible Dovecot run file customized for the toaster installation?