how to disble background download activity Firefox?

I think Firefox has always started downloading in the background before and during the presentation of the Open/Save/Cancel dialog,
when show dialog download background start downloading file, I want to start downloading when I click save button
Can this mode be disabled (not start downloading background )?

I don’t think it can, unfortunately… It’s a subject that crops up on from time to time.

For example: Firefox downloads a file, even if I choose "Cancel" | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

…and there are quite a few others if you really search around.

It annoys me too >:)

Probably depends on what is being downloaded.
For most browsers (not just FF), if it’s a browser update, it’s downloading because that’s what you configured in your app settings.
If it’s resuming an incomplete download, you might be able to open the Downloads folder in your browser and there might be a button for resume/cancel/pause.


AFAIR I solved the “download before dialog presentation” - behavior a few years ago by changing in “about:config” the prefetch options.
But I’m not sure, if this still works today.