How to disable the blank screen (screensaver) and password after activity

I’m using VMware and it’s very anoonyng to type my pass on the suse window each time i return to that OS

In openSUSE KDE the screensaver is found at Menu → Config Desktop → Look and Feel → Desktop → Screensaver
Don’t know about Gnome but similar

In GNOME its under Computer->Control Center->Screensaver as far as I can remember

Finnaly found it on KDE @ Menu -> Applications -> System Preferences -> Desktop -> Screen saver

I had not selected any screensaver, and for this reason it was by default a “Blank Screen” screen saver with some time to begin and with ask for password, after selecting any screensaver and it’s preferences it overrided default

But this is not what I need. How to disable all this, no screensaver, no password after some inactivity?

Well i could set the timer to 3600 minutes