How to disable RPMlint error?

I want to disable the following error message: no-return-in-nonvoid-function. I made an rpmlintrc file with the following content:


and included it into the list of sources. But this does not work: the error message still appears. What should I do?

You need the full text;

addFilter("E: no-return-in-nonvoid-function")

Why not fix the error, have you tried adding a return; to the offending

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It is very difficult - have to make a patch. I made a patch once and it was so difficult that I decided never to do it again. Although it is pretty obvious where the returns should be placed.

I’m sure there are better manuals, but openSUSE:Fixing bugs - openSUSE should be enough.

Using quilt patches are really easy…

addFilter(“E: no-return-in-nonvoid-function”)

I tried this but it also does not work.

Imagine your package is named: fubar… then you do the following:

  1. Create a file called ‘fubar-rpmlintrc’ with the contents:

Save the file and include as source on your .spec file. That should do the trick… And don’t forget to report it upstream. That stuff is easy to fix… :slight_smile:

Save the file and include as source on your .spec file. That should do the trick…

I already did. That does not work, that’s why I ask it here. Please re-read my first post.

Impossible, I am afraid.
In addition to rpmlint, the SUSE BuildService also runs several
post-build-checks, which also can trigger warnings or abort the
build with errors. Often it is not obvious, if an error message came from
rpmlint or from post-build-checks. Anything you do in your .rpmlintrc will
only affect rpmlint.

If someone finds a way how to disarm fatal errors from the
post-build-checks, please add this info to

openSUSE:Packaging checks - openSUSE

Maybe it is intentionally impossible, … should the wiki say that more