How to disable media controls on lock screen?

Hello everyone,

The new feature “media controls on lock screen” from Plasma 5.10 seems amazing but in my case I don’t the controls to be displayed on the lock screen. Anyone knows how to disable it?

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I’m researching this as well, no success so far.

Posting the resources I found so far:

It seems that there was supposed to be a config setting for it but it wasn’t added at first.

Oh, look:


This is part of the plasma5-workspace-5.10.4-1.1.x86_64 package.

Uh oh:

                Loader {
                    Layout.fillWidth: true
                    Layout.preferredHeight: item ? item.implicitHeight : 0
                    active: true // TODO configurable
                    source: "MediaControls.qml"

Seems it’s still not configurable.

At least I think if we manually set “active: false” then it would disable it… until the next package update.

If this source code is recent, it seems it hasn’t been fixed in an upcoming version:

I made a ticket, let’s follow up there:

Cool! You dug to such depth.

I try to hard change the item in both files to false, and woo~~, the media control on lockscreen is gone.

Add myself there. Hopefully there is a fix soon. It’s very embarrassing to have a name of song on the lock screen while at work although it is not bad to listen to music while working.

Raised to explore the “look and feel specific setting” approach.