How to disable KDE X11 Screen Blanking

I typically leave my PC to run 24/7 even while unattended, and when I am done I will turn the monitor off. However after returning to my PC after some time I will find the screen completely blank, and X11 is not responding.

I have turned off Screen Locking (this is a feature I do not want), along with Suspend, Screen and Screen Energy Saving.

Normally in a tiling WM I would add for X11 in the startup script “xset -s off dpms” and this would permanently correct the issue, however, I don’t see a simple way to do this with KDE. On Wayland this behavior is not present, but I am not quite ready to make the leap towards Wayland only (until the WINE Wayland drivers are fully in-place).

How would I go about turning off Screen Blanking entirely with KDE on the X11 session properly?

If you turn off “Screen and Screen energy savings” then I think it reverts to basic X11 default behavior.

I leave those on. But I occasionally check the box in the power manager icon “Manually block sleep and screen locking”. That works, but perhaps you would have to repeat it for each login.

You could try doing that in a script in:


and see if that works.

I took the route of dumping a script in plasma-workspace/env and hopefully that corrects the issue! Thanks!

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Let us know what happens.

Script I wrote:

xset -dpms
xset s off

I would like to report that the script works upon a restart when queried with xset q. Shows DPMS off, which is what I intended to happen. Thanks a ton for the help, I appreciate it!

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