How to disable "font smoothing" ?

Hi, I have two questions:

  1. I have gnome and all the fonts remind me “smoothed fonts” from windows XP. On windows there was an option in registry to turn smoothing off. What about suse? I do like my fonts sharp, not blurry :wink: Can I change size of fonts somwhere?

  2. I’d like to change refresh rate to 75Hz. Now I have 85Hz and picture is sharper on my crt monitor when on 75Hz. I found only where to switch the card resolution.

Thank you.

Already found it in cotrol center. I don’t know how is possible, that I have overlooked the whole section “look and feel” - perhaps I’ve been looking in yast control center, where it is not :slight_smile:

But “monochrome” font rendering does not work in Opera (my prefered browser) - fonts in opera are still smooth :frowning: Firefox renders fonts correctly so is it a problem of opera?