How to DISABLE BLACK screen under Gnome ?

If 5… 6 minutes not to touch the keyboard and a mouse the screen in the laptop becomes black (disconnected)…

The interdiction on screensaver - hasn’t helped…

In the LXDE with screensaver 5.14 i can disabled this. and under LXDE - all OK. Screen not black…

What can i do for thi in the Gnome ?


You can disable the screensaver via gnome-session-properties, or use System-Settings to change the timeout.

Alt-F2 | gnome-session-properties | remove screensaver


but this is don`t help.


Go to your User Menu (Top Right Corner) and choose “System Settings” then click on “Screen” and then adjust “Turn off after:” setting. If you need longer, then you’ll want to install the “Presentation Mode” extension. (see: and