how to disable AMD/Radeon discrete graphic chip (muxless)

unfortunately I have no option in the Bios of my Toshiba laptop so that let me think that it might be a “muxless” card.
I also get the infamous 3 horrible question marks at boot on the splashscreen, but the main reason is I don’t need nor I want it (save power and NOISE).

Which is please the more effective and permanent way (no, I’m not good with the soldering iron)?
Sorry I’m a linux novice, but from what I google out seems I have to blacklist something somewhere… but not sure it was outdated information.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: hardware info says it’s an ATI Topaz XT (RadeonR7 M260/M265)

anyone please? :slight_smile:
I read somewhere that there’s also a more elegant systemd way for preventing the Ati driver from loading, but I have no clue how to achieve that.
I may think about changing laptop too :frowning:

Have you read this thread?

Thanks for suggestion,
but unfortunately it’s a 2012 thread, can’t trust it at all :slight_smile:
I’m going the cross-link way :slight_smile:

How does that make a difference? Some things don’t change and are still applicable now with respect to the command line.

Did you try some of the suggestions at the beginning of the post to see if you could get the radeon to switch off manually?

Once confirm can get things to turn off turn on, then can look at some automation.

yes tried, see please the post in question for my results :frowning: