How to desactivate sleep mode while video played ?

Does someone know how to desactivate “automatically” the sleep mode (screensaver) when a video or a DVD is played, for example with VLC ? My config is OpenSuse 11.2 (64 bits). Thanks a lot.

Open VLC Player
Click Tools > Preferences
At the Bottom Left, Show Settings, Click All

In the Advanced Tab
Put a check by “Inhibit Power Management Daemon Durring Playback”

In the Video Tab
Put a check by “Disable Screensaver”

Mine had both of these checked by default. I would expect yours to be as well, but you never know.:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your answer. In fact, these VLC options were already selected in the version of VLC (?) that I used with OpenSuse 11.1 but it did not work, I have never understood why… Now, with VLC 1.0.3 and OpenSuse 11.2, it works correctly and these options are selected by default but I had not tried again since OpenSuse 11.2 update, sorry…