How to delete widgets from the taskbar

Subject says it all,


Never seen any widgets in the taskbar. Normally, to close anything in the taskbar, I right click on it and select Close.
Normally, to remove widgets from anywhere involves right clicking on them and selecting Remove or something similar. If they are in the KDE Panel, you need to open the Panel first.

More information needed:

What desktop?

What exactly do you want to remove?

Assuming you are using KDE Plasma, first make sure widgets are unlocked (right-click->unlock widgets if they are locked), then click on the menu icon (three horizontal bars) on the far right of the taskbar. Then hover your mouse over the widget you want to delete and click the red x.

In fact you see nothing but widgets :smiley:

Allan Mau wrote:

> Subject says it all,
> Allan
Thanks all. Must be old age but I just didn’t the red x. Worked l;ike a


There’s a widget here, a widget there, here a widget, there a widget, everywhere a widget-widget …rotfl!