How to delete file resources, Kontact versoin 1.3, KDE 4.1?

How do you delete a calendar file resource in Kontact version 1.3, using KDE version 4.1?
This task was rather straight forward under previous versions. It appears that importing a file adds a resource. There doesn’t appear to be a way to remove a resource. A number of posts, including notes from Kontact indicate setting KOrganizer. However, KOrganizer is not listed in the settings menu.

Thanks in advance for any help.

in your hidden /home

is it not in there

The default calendar resource is not located there. It is also not in /home/.kde4/share/apps/kontact

My calendar is utilizing 3 resources: 1) the default; 2) /home/icalout.ics; and 3) /home/icalout.ics a second time.

There doesn’t appear to be a check box to select which calendar resource file to use.