How to define local repository

I have a desktop with no Intenet access and would like to configure repositories on m a thumb drive. my hard drive and on a thumb drive. It is unclear what I should specify as the drive and directory for each.

For a logical drive mounted at /mnt/H, do I specify the Linux name for the physical drive, the extended logical partion or the logical drive? Do I include the path for the mount point in the directory name?

Likewise for the USB thumb drive, do I include the mount point in the directory field?


In short: the mountpoint
A bit more eleborate: Use YaST’s repo manager, click Add, Local RPM folder, give the repo a name, path = mountpoint, check “Rpm folder” . Done.

Thanks. When, if ever, would I need the hard drive or USB option, and what are the semantics for them?

I use the USB option when I have downloaded the DVD installer iso, but I want to use it as a local repo instead of using it as an installer.

For example, if you have 10 Tumbleweed systems to update, it might be worth downloading the latest DVD and writing to a USB. Then you can use this in turn on each of the systems. What’s on the DVD only has to be downloaded once. This is mostly useful where there is a particularly large update.