How to deal with "rt2x00usb_vendor_request" errors?

My Ras Pi is running openSUSE and I have a RT5372 wireless adapter. HostAPD is used to create AP. At first, nothing wrong happends. After a device connects to this AP, soon “rt2x00usb_vendor_request” errors pour out in XConsole, and the AP crashes. No improvement if I change rt2870.bin. I tried to upgrade the firmwares to the newest, but didn’t work.

It seems to be a long standing bug (and not openSUSE-specific of course)…

I’d be inclined to change to a wireless device using a different chipset.

This issue doesn’t exist on OpenWrt. No help even if upgrade the firmwares on openSUSE.

Haven’t visit for a long time. This is caused by Ralink rt2800 driver, which may not be upgraded again by MediaTek. The best solution is getting another wireless card not driven by rt2800.

Yep, as I already hinted at. :slight_smile: