How to daul boot

This question has been asked before , I have searched this forum and net for daul booting with suse.
Originally, I had opensuse 11 installed on my system. decided i need daul boot with xp . base on what i read , i had to install xp first , so i format and installed xp , then opensue. opensuse partitioner , shrunked my xp partition and window became useless.

I have two SATA harddrive. first one XP installed on it .
I want to install open suse 11 on second harddrive.

Used NTFS to install XP.

What are process to install linux on second drive , with no damage to XP ?


Why did the dual boot goes wrong ?
Normally it works.
But if the second HD is also a boot able drive
than a way is make the BIOS the second HD as the first boot able HD install opensuse on the second HD
and GRUB in the MBR of the second HD
Install windows on the first HD while this first boot able HD while installing XP
Change in the BIOS the boot able HD to change OS
In this they are total independent of each other

XP is already installed on first hard drive.
both HD are SATA . so in bios , i can not change the order of which is boot first.
i can only change the boot order by choosing " cd rom " " hard drive " removable .

i am not exactly sure what went wrong with first suse installation. all i know , suse tried to install on same partition as window and i just changed that info to install on second HD .

when i booted, i saw window in boot loader, clicked on it , and i got greeted with no OS to boot …

Thanks again .

It’s probably just a matter of fixing the boot control file.

When you boot now, do you see the green openSUSE menu and does openSUSE boot, but the Windows selection does not work? Or are you seeing something else?

And what did you use to install, the DVD or the Live-CD?

if you click in the BIOS option on the hard drive it does not show the drives

since the first installation , i removed suse reinstalled XP … now i don’t have suse on my system . been looking around for proper way of doing this , since i have been working on my xp updating , installing needed programs and not looking forward for another boot problem :slight_smile:

second harddrive is empty and ready to be used by opensuse … is sata 500 gig in size, currently partitioned using NTFS . but i can format that to any file system prior to installing linux.
i believe , xp has wrote mbr info on second drive . but im not sure .


XP would only have done that if the 2nd drive was in the 1st position in the bios boot sequence, during a clean install or from the Recovery Environment.

What has probably happened is that the linux boot loader (GRUB) was written to the boot drive MBR. Before you removed openSUSE, did it boot?

You can fix this in one of several ways. If you still intend to use openSUSE, install it to the 2nd drive making sure the 1st drive is in the 1st bios boot position. openSUSE will install grub to that drive’s MBR, and will include a boot menu stanza which boots XP.

If you want to get XP booting again sans openSUSE, the MS recommended method is to use the XP Recovery Environment on the XP installation media with the command “fixmbr”. Unfortunately, if you only have your PC manufacturer’s “recovery disk” or “recovery partition” (which is just an image of the disk as it left the factory), the RE is not available. If you have a floppy drive and also can access another XP (or W2K) machine, you can produce a boot floppy (if the other machine does not boot from the same partition as your machine, you need to edit the boot.ini that will be written to the floppy); once you’ve booted, you can download/install a utility like MbrFix which will re-write the MBR code. Another floppy alternative (which requires any another machine that can access the net and create a floppy) is a utility called “smart boot mgr”. Probably others on the net, too.

If you can’t find anything that works for you but you can access email elsewhere, I can send you a 1.8MB .iso built from an XP boot floppy, which can be used to burn a boot CD. Note that it only boots from the first partition. If you want that, send me a PM.