how to customize the default GNOME profile for new users

I’ve built a simple appliance based on GNOME. How can I customize the default profile for new users. I’ve tried to use Sabayon, but error occurred.

Maybe you could expand on what customization your wanting?
This has some;

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I want to customize the panel layout and applets in it. The theme and desktop background.

Well, I understood. Just copy all hidden files in my HOME to /etc/skel. All new users’ setting will be similar to yours as default.

Gnome desktop and apps are in ~/.gconf and ~/.gnome2. So copying these 2 directories + content in /etc/skel would make this profile a default for future users. Be careful however that none of these files contains absolute paths refering to your home directory. There are none I can think of under ~/.gconf but there could be some in the apps config files under ~/.gnome2. If you have such applications, either make a patch of the files (using diff/patch) or - if you don’t know what I’m talking about - remove these applications from the skeleton.