How to customize a OpenSuse ISO?

Searched online and did not find the answer.
Familiar with CentOS way like

Wonder how to achieve the same in OpenSuse for a given ISO.

Did some look at KIWI or AutoYast, and can’t understand how to start.

What I need is:
1.) Tailor all packages, and make sure dependencies are resolved
2.) Create an ISO to use AutoYast to auto install

Stuck at step 1.)


You can create custom ISO’s with SUSE studio


Any command line or script way to do so
so that I can add/remove packages without going to web.

Looks KIWI is behind studioexpress, and need to read through
how to tailor the packages.

If you look you may find build configurations that are close to or meet your needs.

Yes, KIWI is what you need. It’s in the distribution repos. This is the best place to start from openSUSE-KIWI Image System

I have tried KIWI on my VM, and still can’t figure out:
1.) Where is the default repo or base ISO, the sample description file is simple.

2.) How to remove the packages, or pick the minimal like CentOS minimum for Suse

Try to read the pointed document and Kiwi NG, I need some internals to understand better.


Have tried KIWI on my VM locally, need to figure out how to use local repo, derived from
CentOS or OpenSuse DVD, to create a minimized OS.

Sample description file is simple:

Has examples of adding packages. But if use OpenSuse official DVD, it is 3.6G.

How to remove the package and make sure package dependency is not broken ,

Any SUSE way?

Like the KIWI approach, and want to get the internals.


That is exactly what studio does. You define what you want and it makes the iso.

Thanks, I can understand the flexibility KIWI SUSE provided, and want to dive into the details.

For example, how can start from a minimal installation? and on the top of that, we keep adding packages to make
sure dependency is complete.

Like this Reddit - Dive into anything

Look at the pre built ISOs pick the one closest to your wants then add or remove packages as needed.