how to create your own yast repository which causes clients to refresh

I have written a script which builds a repository into a website document root and it seems to work OK apart from one little problem

other servers which use that repository have set it to autorefresh, but they don’t, I have to manually execute “zypper refs”.

please can someone tell me how yast2 knows that a repository is out of date?


Yast (actually it’s libzypp, the package manager library) compares time stamps of metadata files, if they are the same as in the last check refresh is skipped. The time stamp check is done after few minutes timeout (10 minutes by default) to decrease network traffic, so if you refresh the repository in yast, then refresh the repository on the server then yast won’t notice the change for 10 minutes.

interesting, thanks for that. my script regenerates nearly all the repository files every time, the media dir, content, license, keys, sigs etc, so maybe I am being impatient