How to create shortcuts to app on desktop

Hey Guys,

I would like to know how to create shortcut on my desktop to apps.

The first one I am trying is a shortcut to krdc.

I right clicked on the desktop and selected “Create new -> Link to Application”

Then I selected the appropriate icon.

But from there I don’t know what to do.



The easiest way is to click the application in the main menu (don’t release the mouse button) and drag & drop it on the desktop.

If you want to create it manually from the Create Link to Application, then make the link, edit the Properties, click on that small icon in the properties and enter the application path in the command field.

Great thanks,

I finally found out my application path to Krdc.



> I finally found out my application path to Krdc.

ah we so often want to ignore the command line tools which SuSE is born
with…try this:

  • open a terminal

  • type

which Krdc

  • press enter [assumes a ‘Krdc’, maybe it is ‘krdc’]

  • enjoy the ease of learning THE executable which is found in your
    path first…the one which will be executed if you execute K[k]rdc
    on your machine…

can’t find firefox? type which firefox

and FASTER than a speeding bullet, i learn on MY machine it is

ain’t life wonderful? :smiley:

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
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Awesome, DenverD.

Just what I needed to know, to learn.

That is perfect.