How to create restore partition


I am about to install a test machine for testing out system configurations and software modifications.

Instead of installing a virtual machine I wish to create a secondary partition which holds a “restore image” of the “clean” system. Also I would like to be able to select a system restore function in Grub while booting.

Any ideas / links for solving this?

/ Henrik

There are too many unknown variables, i.e. partition setup, what exactly do you want to copy to the image etc. etc. to give you a straight answer.
The ‘dd’ command can be used to copy disk partitions to other disks, see ‘man dd’ in a terminal.

Furthermore, you’re not clear about your knowledge of linux, how far do you get on your own?

FSArchiver may work. Read here FSArchiver and make sure you read the quickstart guide installation section.

I hope this helps


My plan was to have a setup like this :

Grub menu with :

  1. One 20 GB Partion with all installed tools / software.
  2. x 20 GB Partitions with setups which can restored into the 1st one and then rebooted.

The rest of the disk will be used for data.

I have previously used VMWare images where I worked on a copy of an image and after end of use I would replace the image copy with an unspoiled copy.

Acer and IBM use a similar system giving you the possibility of restoring the system partition by pressing a key during boot.

So I imagine the step-by-step process like this :

  1. Power on the machine.

  2. In Grub select “Linux” and boot normally.

  3. Power on the machine.

  4. In Grub select “Linux Restore” and boot.
    2.1 The system ( “Linux” ) partition is restored and the machine rebooted.

Maybe this can be done by having a Linux partition holding a copy of the system partition and a tiny partition which runs a script like ( pseudo ) :

  1. Copy “System Partition” to “Linux” partition.
  2. Reboot system.

This would actually be a very simple solution which might solve the problem…

Thx. I will take a look at FSArchiver - looks interesting.

Lost or deleted Partitions can be recovered using REMO Software which instructs users How to Restore Partitionfrom corrupted drives