How to create partitionin and save data on ntfs drive

Hi. I have 2 hard drives - one for windows and second for media files. I want to install OpenSuse 11 and during instalation installer tolds that drive will be format? How do I can install linux on second hdd and save my files?

You want to install suse on the media drive?

But how much FREE space is there?
You will need to custom format any free space. I would suggest a utility like parted magic.

Tell us what you have first.

I have 2 SATA drives formated with NTFS. 1’st(C) - 40Gb with windows itself and other soft. 2’nd(D) 160 GB total with music, video, games and 70GB free. So I want to install OpenSuSe on Drive D, but don’t want to format whole disk.

So defrag drive D:
Then partition the free space like this
/ (root partition ext3, allow 10-15GB)
/home (user files etc…, ext3, allow as much as possible)
swap (all you need here is 512mb)

follow this guide
Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums