How to create new desktop themes?

Is there any documentation somewhere to learn how to do this? I tried changing some of the items in the details section but none of the changes seem to take. But I do get a new button on the top that says customized. I would really like to learn how to create these as well as log in screens.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t know if this helps but it seems official

I am not very sure if this is Desktop Environment independend. Maybe better to explain for which DE(s) you want this.

Yes, that helped a lot!! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks, still not 100% sure on which versions of what I have with 13.2 with the different updates that occur. Someone did provide a link to some good detailed info on what is what and where it goes. I found this information from that page…

Well there are a lot of desktops you can install. Updates don’t slip a new desktop in on you. Default is normally KDE

Different desktops will have different ways to do things. Gnome is not the same as KDE etc

Oh, ok now I understand… yes, it’s a KDE desktop. Yep, total blonde here sorry.