How to Create Install CD's from DVD

I have an old laptop that has a CD. The new medium is DVD.

Is there a way to create install CD’s from the DVD?

I want to do this because I’m unable to install using the Live CD.


Have You considered a Live USB?

The laptop I using is an old Inspiron 5000e. It is not possible to boot from the USB.

Please explain the “Live USB” method.

If you have a NIC on it, and another machine on the LAN that can export the contents of the DVD via NFS, SMB or even HTTP, you could boot with the NET install CD and install the OS over the LAN.

I hope you have more than the 128MB the FAQ says they originally had.

There is no live usb but there is a live cd. You can get it here
A guide is here. The cd has much less than the dvd but you can add the rest via the suse repos read here