How to create bootable USB for OpenSUSE Live KDE(or Live Gnome)?


I was dowloaded OpenSUSE 12.1 Live KDE and Live Gnome iso - downloaded via torrent in Windows 7.
On downloading site they wrote:

Live KDE
A KDE desktop you can run from CD or USB stick.

Yeah, OK.

I am trying to create bootable USB with Unetbootin and Linux Live USB Creator(LiLi) for both - no succes.
After boot from USB, there is a message - kernel image not found
No booting, just this message repeat endlesly until I reboot computer manualy.
The same iso files burned on CD with BurnImage boot and install normaly.
All this operations are made in Windows.

I am succesfuly created before bootable USB for Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint…etc, only for Opensuse failed.
How to solve this problem?

Thanks for answers.

Hi Glock, I have found unetbootin does not like openSuse, (Great for other distro’s I have tried) If you already have an opensuse install, openSuse Imagewriter is in the repo’s and works beautifully. If not you can DIY using dd command… (be careful to make sure your target drive is the right one!)

Here for instructions for other methods, inc from Windows:
SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE

FYI, Here is the other thread:

Thanks, this works!

I also have a bash script for this purpose you can find here: S.C.L.U. - SuSE Create Live USB - Version 1.10 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Thank You,