How to create an icon in KDE4 giving access to a folder on a local NAS (fitzbox.nas)

the system we are speaking about is a 11.4 with KDE 4.7.2.
I am trying to realize the following setting:. I have a fritzbox with NAS support installed. It offers two protocols. I can connect with an ftp client via secure ftp and I can connect (in theory) from any home computer in the “home-network” (i think a windows protocol), that by fabric is called fritz.nas.
What I want is to create an icon in the desktop folder, allowing for the O.P. to drop whatsoever file (also big sized iso, etc) on the NAS (that is an attached USB HDD with NTFS format. The NAS is governed by the router and is simply an usb drive attached to it. The OPs PC is branched over dlan to the router. The password and the name should be given in automatic by KDE (wallet may be invoked).
With other words, I would like this user have to only click on that icon, drop the respective file there. Done, like it would be directory on his/her PC.
I would like him to access ONLY this NAS without needing to share other folders or files from his PC.
I try with the ftp, but after giving username and password, it does not accept to open (password wrong…what IMO is not the case).
So did anybody set up a thing like this? Do I forcefully need to setup SAMBA to make this work or can I avoid?
Please tell me if you need more info about the setup.
Thank you.

Edit. I found out about the problem. Apparently the KDE 4 implementation of ftp lacks ftps. So it cannot connect as the box is set to use ftps to connect. I do not know how to work around this. For kde3 there was a kio-ftps but for version 4 apparently not.