How to create a Local Yast Online Update(YOU) Server?

I use the openSUSE 11.0, and I want to create a Local Yast Online Update(YOU) server. But I don’t get anything about “yast online update server” in the install software list. I remember there is a YOU server in SLES 9, does openSUSE 11.0 have YOU server too? or there is a new software which has taken the place of YOU server in openSUSE 11.0.

I have searched the Forums with the keywords “Yast Online Update Server”, but I don’t get the right answer to the question. May someone help me? Thank you.


the online update server is nothing specific. As far as I know you can simply use any http or ftp daemon. If you just want the same packages as in the original online update repository just mirror/download them and make the contents available via http (apache with allowed directory listings) or ftp.

hope this helps

Should we think about it as a normal HTTP or FTP Server which offers openSUSE installation files and packages ?rotfl!
And some more details to maintain a key so that your YaST can accept it.
any more Details ? :stuck_out_tongue: I dunnt know either.

Hi & welcome!

The update server (using yup & yum) is specific for the enterprise products (SLED / SLES) as far as i know.

With openSUSE you have the option to create a local mirror of the update and online repos. Point your systems to the local mirror and you should be set.

Have a look here for more info : Mirror Infrastructure - openSUSE

Hope that’s what you’re looking for…