How to create a link with a command on Plasma?

To open an app, I have to enter prime-run in front and then start it from the terminal. Is there a way to create a shortcut to the app with a “prime-run app” command in a simple way like you do on gnome?

If you already have a desktop shortcut for an app, rightclick the icon → properties → program, and add “prime-run” in front of the argument line.

I tried:

prime-run flatpak run org.kde.krita
prime-run firefox

they work on konsole but doesn’t work on argument line.

Try it on the program line instead of the argument line…

don’t work.

there is no real field for commands. On gnome there is.

you know what I think? that I have to make a text file with the command written in it, make it executable and then go and call it up as if it were the program.
It’s disappointing, though.


Adjust the work path so that you can add prime-run in front of program line.

I did not understand. :sweat:

In those fields I have already done all the testing. The pure commands don’t work.

Use prime-run as the Program and add firefox %u as its Arguments.

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Genius! Thank you!