How to creat a desktop shortcut

This might sound like a daft question - but how do I created a desktop shortcut? Or an easy way to launch an application?

I’m wanting to create a short cut to jungle disk - which is an executable file located in my home folder. If I click the file in konqueror it launches ok. But how can I create a shortcut to it on my desktop or within my “start” button? so I don’t have to keep navigating to the executable.

If I right click the executable I have no “create shortcut option” (as you might see in Windows). If I drag the file to my desktop and then click on it, it asks what I want to launch it with. :mad:

I can’t seem to find anything on this in the manuals, perhaps I’m using the wrong search terms? Or perhaps I’m going about this all wrong?

So - what is the “Dashboard” / Plasma Dashboard ? I can’t seem too find any info on this either.

If you are asking about Plasma it sounds like you are running KDE4.

In the later version if you upgraded to KDE4.1 you can make Widget for the Folder view. In my case I did it for my home folder.

I don’t think this was incorporated yet into the 4.04 that came with Suse 11.0. But you can try.

it is under add widgest then the Folder view option to make a folder widget for the desktop.

it is different I guess from having just a shortcut on your desktop by in my case I prefer it this way because it keeps them neatly organized

Thanks gregosmith - how do I get 4.1 via Yasta? It hasn’t told me there is a new version.

add the factory repo’s for the kde 4.1 on this page
KDE/Repositories - openSUSE