how to copy wifi credentials and setup and paste to new laptop

on my laptop I have many wifi networks set-up-ready-to-work with password and automatic or not connections and priority, I would like to copy all these settings on a new laptop where I installed leap 15.3 and to be able in this way to use all the wifi networks with my new laptop without inserting again all passwords and automation and priority, how can I get it??

Assuming you use NetworkManager?

You can try copying over the files in “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections”.

That works here. But whether it will work depends on our settings. If you configure something that is hardware-specific (such as a MAC address), then the copied file probably won’t match the hardware on the new system.

yes, networmanager and KDE

And that is the place for system connections. When the OP means the personal settings of a particular user I guess they are somewhere inside that user’s home directory. Sorry, I do not use NM, thus I can not check which file(s), but I hope my suggestion might help finding it.

The copying that I suggested will not copy credentials that are saved in “kde-wallet”. When I setup WiFi connection, I tell the applet that I want the password saved unencrypted. That puts it in the file managed by NetworkManager instead of putting it in “kde-wallet”.

manythanks you all, yes, also me don’t use kde-wallet and save unencrypted passwords, viewing the files inside “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections” I noted that there was plain password in any connection file, I will try to copy these and see if it works