How to contribute signed kernel patch package (for hibernate patch)


Kernel lockdown has removed my ability to hibernate (even though I have system root + home + swap on LUKS). I have tried for weeks to make this work with sleeping and shutting down my laptop strategically but it’s just not practical for a laptop. I want secure boot and I want kernel lockdown (hibernate is literally my only issue). I know I can just disable secure boot, but it seems like a foolish tradeoff to lose secure boot and the rest of the lockdown hardening when all I want is one feature (which I am reasonably confident in since my swap is encrypted).

Here is the patch: Enable hibernate during lockdown · GitHub

I don’t really want to compile my own kernel every time there is an update. I also would prefer not to deal with my own signing keys. It would be great if I could make a kernel patch in the form of a RPM that is pre-signed on OBS and “just works” when installing with Zypper. I know that kernel drivers can be installed this way, but I am wondering if the same can work for a patch?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated; I just want hibernate again :frowning:

Leap 15.5
Kernel 6.5.3-lp154.5.g89de233-default

Reach out on the kernel mailing list at openSUSE Kernel - openSUSE Mailing Lists - they will be able to help you.

You could join 1208766 – Kernel 6.2.1 does not suspend/hibernate anymore for AMD Ryzen 7 Pro.