How to connect to Windows Shared Folder

Just did this myself and got this weird issue:

  • If I went through KNetAttach (Network Wizard), it was unable to find it.

  • If I just went to the “Run” window (Alt-F2) and typed: smb:// it worked!

I think the issue was with the way KNetAttach’s text boxes were split up but it did not actually put them back together (for example, it separates the server name from folder but couldn’t find it that way).

So is this what you did?

  1. run the command knetattach
  2. a wizard opens
  3. choose Microsoft Windows network drive
  4. enter a name in the “name” space
  5. enter exactly in the “server” space
  6. enter exactly sharedfolder in the “shared folder” space
  7. click save & connect

And what error message did you then get?

Yep. And it said it could not connect to the server.

Well that’s got me stumped. Definitely a bug. You should post a bug report. with openSUSE.

Another thought is that KNetAttach is not particularly useful for Samba shares because opf all the work required (three entries to fill in and you must know what they are before you start – you can’t just browse to them).

On the other hand, Konqueror with smb:// takes you to the whole network via browsing and you can save any location as a bookmark in Konqueror for future rapid mounting, much more useful IMHO.

I do not know anything about KNetAttach, but the way I do it is I setup a mount point under /mnt/, and edit the /etc/fstab to automatically mount the filesystem. If I just want to look at them, I just go to my computer-network folders-smb and there my workgroup is and then my computers. By the way I am using 10.3, so I do not know if yours would be different, also I assume that KNetAttach is KDE stuff, I use Gnome so this may completely irrelevant.Hope it helps, if not sorry.