how to connect to secured campus wireless network

I can do it in Windows XP sp3, all information needed is below:

ssid: some_net_name
network authentication: WPA
data encryption: TKIP
EAP type: PEAP
certificate validation server:
authentication method: EAP-MSCHAP v2
username: some_user
password: some_pass
logon domain: some_domain

using above setting,I can smoothly connect to the secured campus wireless network in Windows.
But the question is how can I connect in SuSE 10.0. I asked the wireless network support, got answered that they only support Windows and Macintosh. I tried to work it out with the kNetworkManager, but found that I need a root ca with a name like .pem, because there is no where to fill in the certificate validation server “” in kNetworkManager. I tried to search within my windows disk drive partition, but found no file named ".pem", while the campus desk help surely won’t tell me where to download this root certificate.

Is there any way to work around this?

If it is openSUSE 10 & not SLED 10, you will have problems. openSUSE 10 will not have the necessary files to help connect as it is a bit out of date & is no longer supported.If SLED 10,try in the Novell forum, they know a bit more about the product as i don’t use SLED 10. The main thing is, you need the certificate


Sorry, 10.0 is a typo
Actually, I mean openSuSE 11.0

That being so, you need to fill in the details in network manager. Right-click network manager & select new connection - your wireless device & fill in the necessary details & you may still need the certificate. I personally recommend wifi-radar for this type of connection as it handles them a bit better than network manager