How to connect to 64 bit WEP wireless network?

Finally got the software talking to the hardware and wireless card configured, but when I try to connect to my home 64 bit WEP network, I get a box that comes up “Serect something or Other” that wants me to add additional security settings that all have to do with higher levels of security (WEP 40/128, WEP 128 etc.) which my router is not set up for.

I know WEP 64 bit is not so secure, but I have other devices in my home that can only use WEP 64, so I cannot change my router to more secure settings.

Is there a way a way to tell the operating system not to use this box when I try to connect? All the settings are set up in YaST for my router, including the 64 bit encyrption key, but this additional box keeps poping up.

Opensuse 11.0

Thank you!

oh ya, forgot to say running GNOME.

I got: Wireless lokalnett - 11,0 Mb/prs (Intel(R) wireless WiFI Link) 64 bits.
After I’ve typed in the security code (10 numbers), I’ve to paste the serial number for the wireless unit to get fully accsess. Anyone who knows where I get admistrative privilliages and paste the serial number?

to both posters:

are you using network manager?
if yes, then you are probably not reading well what he’s asking you. After you put the password to access a new network, networkmanager usually asks for the password for the KEYRING.

this keyring is something used by gnome to secure your passwords. just enter a password of your choice and use it everytime the “keys” icon appear asking for it.

i don’t know if the above sounds silly to you, but both of your problems are strange or not very well explained.

to answer the first poster, i can access 64 bit WEP networks without any problem (after i put the network key, networkmanager aks for the keyring password).
By the way, i hope you are aware that even a unskilled “hacker” (an enthusiast playing with easy to use tools) can crack a WEP network in less than 15 minutes, which can expose you or anyone using that network to serious danger.