How to connect friend's XP on my WPA2 wireless?

I know this is not politically correct place to ask, but I have a friend that arrived for a 3 weeks from far away. She has laptop with XP SP3, and I couldn’t make it connect to my wireless linksys router which makes WPA2 home network.

I tried yesterday, but won’t connect on my network. I run MAC based policy and I entered her’s wireless MAC correctly in the list.

On my suse lizards works perfectly (of course), but what is missing and how can I make that XP connect.

(she still refuses to give linux a try)


Not a Windows user,but, if i remember correctly,you need the wpa2 for windows update as well.


I thought so, but I was believing SP3 has that inside… Obviously it’s needed to be installed separately.

Last time I used XP, except playing some game, was… errr… can’t remember. Ah yes, since I switched jobs :slight_smile:
From windows to RIA developer.

I have exactly the same question.

I have a second laptop (my father works on it - he is using Windows XP)
and it connects just fine with my WPA2 network from openSUSE 11.1 LiveCD.
But when I reboot back, from Windows XP was never able to connect with WPA2
(with WEP or ‘no encryption’ modes it connects just fine).
The wireless card is Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG.
I have tinstalled updates from Intel.
Tried to connect from both windows and Intel connection managers.

Currently this laptop connects through a wire,
but it would be interesting to know, where is the problem.

Just googled a little bit…
This seems to be that WPA2 Update
Download details: Update for Windows XP (KB893357)

Oh thanks, that is it!
I was busy yesterday, didn’t have time to mess with it. Thanks to you, one click.