How to connect a USB Laser printer with Fritz Box?


I would like to connect my Samsung ML-1610 through Fritz Box 7270 which has a USB port, so that I can print from 2 different Linux computers and sometimes also with windows PC.

You have to add a network printer in YaST > Hardware > Printers and either add the URI either let it scan the network. Notice not all printers are supported in the Fritz!Box.

Thx for your help. Fritz box has recognized the printer and it has given a port 9100 free for the printer.

JopSway, do you know how can i give in yast->hardware->printer, the port and the ip address of the

In the YaST printer setup, this is called direct network printing or JetDirect printing or something like that. 9100 is the standard port for this method, pioneered by HP.

As ken_yap says you just need to add a new printer > Network printer > Direct network printing > Direct printing via TCP port. Then you can add or search for the printer host and as you can see the TCP port defaults to 9100.

What would be the Hostname of the print server. I also checked “Scan for Direct Socket Servers” and Look up All Hosts". It scan the hosts on this LAN and afterwards nothing else.

How can I find out what is the name of my host.

Please help and thx for your reply.

Just put the IP address of the Fritz! router.

i did, it doesn’t work. No response from the printer.

Try this. If you cannot get a response from the Fritz! box, then the Fritz! box is not listening at that port, maybe you have to configure something on the box, I don’t have one so I have no idea what.

telnet *ip-of-fritz!box* 9100

This is the following message I get.

“Your network access is not properly configured or the print server is unknown or unavailable.”

In the host name i gave the IP address of the FritzBox.
What would be the location? I chose the driver from the list.

Is there something I am missing out on.

Thx for your help.

First of all thank you for your help. It works. This is what I did. Instead of Direct to TCP Port Printing, I choose Remote IPP Queue and then in URl i gave in "socket://Ip Address Of Fritz!Box!:9100 and in the location I gave in "ipp://localhost:631/printers/Name of Printer.

Choose the driver and it works.

Good work and thanks for sharing the solution!

I had a similar problem with a fritz!box 7170 and trying to connect a Cannon ip3300 via the usb port, (so I can easily network to a windows laptop as well. It seemed easier, if it worked, to do it this way than use Samba from which I have always had very poor results).
My solution was (with help from this thread) to setup via cups i.e. http://localhost:631, choose ipp printing and put the Device URI: as socket:// where is the url of the fritzbox. I hope that is of use to someone.