How to connect a developer to a package builder

I am a very recent user and still finding my around the community.
Hopefully, this is the correct location for this question.

I recently asked the developer of one of my favorite multi-platform programs why they did not have a specific package for my installer.
The answer was
“We are not familiar with the package system for Linux and hope to find someone or a group to package the software for us.”
They currently instruct Linux users (regardless of distribution) on installing through the terminal window.

I am not sure where to send them.

Thanks for the help,:slight_smile:

I’m not sure myself.

Of course the difficulty always is the commitment. Once a packager takes on the commitment to create an rpm for openSUSE, it is a constant drain on their time.

There is the build service, where one can try and do this themselves:
Build Service - openSUSE
… but I find its not so easy to wrap one’s head around.

You could install xchat, then join IRC “freenode” #packman and see if you can sweet talk one of the Packman packagers into packaging this for you. You could also try on IRC #suse, but I suspect there you will be encouraged more to package this for yourself using the Build Service.

In truth, a LOT depends on the package. Some are easy to package. Others are a major pain, and no one wants to touch them with a 10 foot pole.

If I understand you correctly (and its possible I did not understand your post), … did you search on web pin to see if some one has already packaged this package for you? Webpin - search for packages built already for openSUSE

I rummaged through the web pin to double check before asking. :slight_smile:
I also checked the “forbidden” and “no longer included” package areas.
not an obvious (to me) way to request the information over there.

Thanks! I’ll try the chat route.

I just don’t feel competent to attempt a pakage build on my own and the build equipment needs can’t be met on my machine.

This one has one dependency- java 1.5 or later.


The #packman channel was the way to go.
I was given a contact for the software developer to handle directly.

Thanks so much for your time and help. :slight_smile: