How to configure wireless network?

On 09/12/2011 03:06 PM, EsteBandido2010 wrote:
> Thankyou for your quickly answer, but some months ago i has the same
> issue in Asus netbook, but was posted in spanish forum of opensuse. pls
> if i can’t express correctly english, i’m leanning too. And this site is
> the best than i founded for opensuse. Yes, you are right i migh change
> to 11.4 release but now i’ll attemp compile the driver than in Ubuntu
> and is the same BCM4313. I’m trying this first and the other solution
> untill november when the final release are ready for the 12.1

For the BCM4313, you should use the Broadcom-wl driver. You will not need to
compile a driver as kernel modules are available. I will not tell you how to get
it, but there are lots of threads where this is discussed.

The main developer for driver b43 is close to getting that device to work, but
it will not be available until kernel 3.2 or 3.3. That means openSUSE 12.2 at
the earliest.