How to configure Thunderbird for yahoo and gmail

hi all… I have tried installing the webmail extension and followed every instructions as in their website but no luck…

I always get an error message saying connection timed out… plz help…

You can’t do it with yahoo if you only have a free account. Or rather, there’s something called Ypops that you can try out if you do have a free account.

For gmail you tell it to add a new account, then choose gmail, enter your name and your gmail email address (just the username part, the is included). Then click next and finish. Easy as that.

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Without using webmail extension, it worked. I followed the instructions givrn in yahoo mail page. But I’m not sure about sending mails from thunderbird…

If you have the paid-for yahoo mail account then you can follow these instructions for getting it set up

Zolved - Setting up free Yahoo Mail Account to Mozilla Thunderbird

Otherwise it WILL NOT WORK. I REPEAT, YOU CANNOT USE FREE YAHOO MAIL WITH THUNDERBIRD. Or any other third party email applications for that matter. You’ll need to use Ypops! to retrieve your mail before you can use thunderbird with it.

Did you get gmail set up alright?

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Here’s the instructions once you have Ypops! installed. If you choose to use that method.

Get Your Yahoo! Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird for Free :: the How-To Geek

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Sorry to not agree with you, I have configured my free yahoo account onto Thunderbird(Windows) without any problems.

Specifically, here on openSUSE 11.1, I am using Evolution as mail client and it works as well, without needing any webmail-like plugin or extension.
Never tested Thunderbird linux recently, but I believe that it shall works, since the client is using standard protocol to talk to yahoo mail servers.

My yahoo account is using this configuration:

POP options
security: SSL
authenticate: password

SMTP options:
security: SSL
server needs authentication: (X)
authenticate: clear

That’s all

Hmmm. Last time I tried to use Yahoo, I thought I recalled it saying that you can’t use it with 3rd party applications unless you have the paid account. Nice to know that’s wrong though! Although my yahoo account has turned into a nice spam dwelling so I don’t really have an interest in using it with thunderbird anymore. It’s still nice to know it works.

Thanks for the information and proving me wrong :wink:

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Ye… Its working now… I have a free yahoo account only… i am able to send and recieve messages both from yahoo and gmail now… but its still downloading the old messages… waiting for that to complete… any setting to download only unread messages???

Try to play with “automatic download new messages” from server setup, to see if something changes for old messages.

I have no power to declare you wrong man ;), further I simply disagree one information which I noticed it was not corresponding to my personal experience with Thunderbird.

yahoo server is very slow… most of the times, its giving me server failure error… finally I deleted all old mails from my server and it started again downloading again…so to make it fast, I checked the option, download only headers…