How to configure php+mysql+apache in opensuse11.1

Hi everybody! How to configure php+mysql+apache in opensuse11.1.thank you!

Do you mean to install all these?
If yes, open yast -> software(Software management) -> Patterns -> LAMP (Web server)

sorry!I want to konw how to configure apache.conf setting and mysql.conf etc.thank you!

For http you have a yast module install yast2-http-server then you’ll have a module in yast.

As for mysql don’t ever recall the need to do anything to it but if you need to think you’ll find its config in /etc/my.cnf

You can configure all these files from terminal.
If in gnome desktop open terminal and type this after became su:

gedit /path/to/apache.conf

And in KDE:

kwrite /path/to/apache.conf


kdesu kwrite /path/to/apache.conf

Same goes for mysql files.

Both the config files are well commented; so you should have no problems understanding what you need to set.

There’s some additional material here that will be useful:
HowTo: Configure a Linux Apache Web Server on openSUSE 10.x and 11.x (including SSI and CGI)