How to configure KDE5 widget for getting updates only with my request? (plasma5-pk-updates)

KDE5 update widget “plasma5-pk-updates” has good tuning in Leap 15.0.
It is searching for updates at a boot time only once, then I can run it manually when I need it.
I set it searching for updates every week (once a week).
But in Leap 15.1 update widget is seeking for updates every time I plug in network cable.

How can I configure its behaviour?

I prefer to disable that update applet (in System Tray Settings), and then use “zypper” or “Yast” to check for updates.

Some developers loves to make life worser:

OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 oss: Updated from 0.3.2-lp151.1.1 to 0.3.2-lp151.2.1
Mar 30

Add patches already approved by upstream to delay any check for updates until the network is online if the network is offline . The patches also fix some visibility issues of widgets that don't make sense if the network is offline. This is part of the fix for boo#1103678.
Rebase patch:

Then remove the updater and use zypper up

The updater is going to update that is what it is designed to do. If you want to only manually update then use zypper

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I unchecked Software Updates in the system Tray and changed settings to run /usr/bin/true which has no side effects when invoked inadvertently.

reading something in the web I masked and stopped the service and seems to work :slight_smile:

  pla4-TW:~ # systemctl stop packagekit 
pla4-TW:~ # systemctl mask packagekit

…there is tiny a problem, the packagekit icon in the system tray isn’t shown

I do not understand the problem. You (as system administrator) stop the service and as a result the service connected applet vanishes from the end-users desktop. That is what I would expect.

yes, the icon is not present but only the icon, the space of packagekit is present, the click on the space produce the popup window of “software updates” with “network is offline”, I expected that or the icon disappear and also the space, or the icon should have a sort of inactive icon that should appear :slight_smile:

Well, that is a better description of what you see then.

I haven’t Packagekit installed at all (and tabood it), thus my situation is not the same as yours.

I am not good at playing with KDE settings, but can you not remove the (empty) icon from the panel?

  • uncheck System Tray Settings > Software Updates # removes icon from display in system tray
  • set Package Update Indicator Preferences > Command for installing updates: /usr/bin/true # when showing up in notifications click install update to cancel

manythanks karl, the first worked, the space without icon disappeared, the second I cannot get what you intend and I cannot find “Package Update Indicator Preferences > Command for installing updates:”

It’s the settings of the Applet. Open System Tray > Show Hidden Icons > Select Package Update Indicator > RightClick > Preferences.