How to configure gnome 3 shell in 11.3?

Hello, all,

I’ve just installed the latest OpenSUSE 11.3 Gnome 3 Reload [and in so doing, by the way, replaced two other oses – one advertised as something else but turned out to be what I regard as a poor imitatian of OpenSUSE 11.3 (and to add insult to injury it even identified itself as OpenSUSE 11.3 after install!) and the other a Linux distro more popular than OpenSUSE but failing to deliver a working Gnome 3 shell].

Which brings me to the subject at hand: Gnome 3 shell. I’m presently using the Gnome 3 panel (which I got after having to select the failsafe option after rebooting). OpenSUSE’s Gnome 3 shell display is all jumbled up to the point of being unusable. Although I couldn’t make out any legible print in the terminal (most of the Applications icons are recogniseable if rather tattered-looking), I had hoped I could still type in “su>enter>password>enter>nvidia-xconfig>enter.” But that didn’t help.

What do I do now to get a screenshot-like Gnome 3 shell display? I realize that this computer is rather resource-shabby, but I figure that if it’ll run MintMenu, it should be able to run any other Gnome shell.

Any advice and/or directions would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Read this openSUSE Lizards

Thanks for the recommended reading – I’ll get on it today. Let me give the forum an update. From the failsafe gnome panel, I went to software repositories and ennabled various repositories (but not more than 4 at one time, and not libdvdcss and Packman at the same time (in fact I installed from libdvdcss with only it ennabled). I ennabled the nvidia and gnome 3 repositories and called myself updating the fresh install. Well, I ended up breaking the system. To make a longer story shorter; thinking I may have just had a bad burn and so looking up the MD5 checksum, I noted that whereas I’d burned Gnome_3.i686-0.0.3-Build 1.1.iso (and it turned out have been a good burn), there’s now a Gnome_3.i686-0.0.4-Build 1.2.iso. Apparently this is an ongoing work-in-progress.

My bad. I should have read the release notes. When I’d read “OpenSUSE derivatives,” I was thinking Ubuntu derivatives (that have stable releases). So anyway, I’ve burned the latter live cd iso, booted it up and it’s working fine. I’m impressed with it and want to install it. But there is one small problem – at least I hope it’s small and easily managed. And let me add that I really do hate to potentially sound as dumb as this is going to sound, but I have to ask. On neither the Gnome shell nor the failsafe panel, I cannot locate an install icon or option! When the live cd boots it gives three choices Gnome, Failsafe and something else (Memtest, maybe) – but no install option. Am I missing something here? Maybe this one isn’t intended to be installed. Is there some cli command I can use to install? Or maybe Yast2 has a live installer that can be loaded to ram and take over from there.

Someone please advice me. Thanks for the help so far.

Sorry for my poor help but I do not use gnome. I use KDE.>:(

Well, if nobody knows, maybe I should carry this installess live cd back to the Linux Mint 10 os that I used to burn it in the first place and see if I can make my own custom iso. I’ll let you know how it goes.