How to config SuSe 11 for fast boot in a headless appliance?

I need to configure SuSe 11 for fast boot in a headless server appliance. Here are my requirements…

  1. No splash screen.
  2. All screen output redirected to serial port ASAP during the boot process.
  3. No or minimal screen output during the boot process without having to modify and rebuild the kernel if possible.
  4. Invoke my own command instead of the final login process that will fashion a command-line interface over the serial port.
  5. runlevel 3 with all networking services.

The trouble I’m having is with step #3 through #5. Please advise. Thanks.



  1. Don’t know how to suppress console output.
  2. Run mgetty on the serial port from /etc/inittab. (You need to add a line, see mgetty documentation.)
  3. Set the default runlevel to 3 in /etc/inittab. Make sure any services you need are also started in level 3.