How to completely delete XFCE and all its apps


I installed XFCE using patterns in Yast and deleted it the same way.
However all the XFCE apps are still presented in KDE menu (Thunar, XFCETerminal, etc.)
I am wondering how can I completely delete XFCE desktop environment and all its apps.
Please advise.

You would probably have to delete all of the individual applications. But you need to do that with care, because some of the XFCE applications are also used in other desktops.

And yes, that is tedious.

The other choice is to do a clean install, and don’t select XFCE this time. If your home directory is on a separate partition, they you should be able to re-install without affecting that.

That is a lesson to be learned and more

  1. When you install multiple Desktops, parts of Desktops become integrated and are hard to separate (Enlightenment is a special lesson in how other Desktops affect how Enlightenment behaves, not just looks)
  2. It’s practically impossible to remove a Desktop, so…
  3. The only real way to remove a Desktop is to be able to roll back. I haven’t explored whether BTRFS snapshots can do this. Standard solutions are backup/restore. As you’ve discovered, normal uninstalling packages is not only impractical but doesn’t do a very good jub… And my guess is that you haven’t even noticed or looked into system configuration changes.

Else, as suggested a clean re-install.


And that is simply so because those applications are not the desktop. They come with the desktop because the integrate nice with that particular desktop and it is assumed that you would be really embarrassed when they weren’t there after installing that desktop But hey run run fine within other desktops. And the “system” can not know if the application is there because it was installed with the desktop or because you simply installed it because you wanted it.

Thanks guys for all your replies here. I will probably just install XFCE back, at least I will be able to use it. I am not in the mood for a clean reinstall yet. I actually had a very hard time installing my HP printer drivers and don’t want to do it again yet. Do you think if I delete XFCE items from KDE menu and KDE items from XFCE menu it is going to work? Or both menus are connected somehow?

You are still thinking to much in desktop applications. They are applications. And can run on any desktop. Maybe some of their functionality is better integrated in some desktop(s), but most applications are usable on all. And that is how they are handled. On installation, they are registered somewhere following the standards. And as such are “seen” by all desktops and entered into the menus of those desktops.

And do not forget you are using a multi-user, multi-session system. Several desktops can be used at the same time by the same or different users. Each of those users can of course configure his/her desktop at will, independent from other users and/or other desktops.

When you, as a system manager, do not like to have a certain application on the system, you can de-install it. When you have nothing against it, you can leave it on the system and let the end-user decide what (s)he wants.

I am afraid there is way more of XFCE left in my system besides the applications I see in the menu. I bet there are many libraries and other packages left that an average user simply can’t see.

If I delete plasma and leave IceWM only and them install Plasma back do you think it is going to help?

Help in what aspect/problem? II do not really see what the problem is. Are you running out of disk space? When here are packages you do not need, do not use them. When it comes to a new opeSUSE version, you could do a fresh install (wile keeping /home) ad thus you will clean-up. That is what I do toget rid ff the leftovers that gather during the lifetime of a version (or do he fresh install after two or three versions, whatever you think best).

I guess you are right. I am just overreacting. I am on Tumbleweed but I do do clean installs once in a while. Thanks

No, I don’t expect that to help.

Here, I have KDE, XFCE, Gnome and MATE all installed. I mostly use KDE. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to leave the others there.

Okay, the menu is a bit bigger. But you can put your choices in the favorites. Or you can use the “Recent Application” menu. So, most of the time, you won’t have to deal with that long menu. But it’s there if you are looking for an obscure application.

Another reason to consider keeping XFCE is Plasma sometimes gets a glitch that … that… well, causes it to not run well.
With another DE installed you could logout then login under say XFCE & fix the plasma problem this has WFM.