How to clear proprietary nVidia driver and replace with nouveau driver

The problem IMHO is not that there are no clear guides. The problem is there are too many.

No sooner does one person do a guide (that is clear) and someone else who does not like some point writes another guide that they think is more clear (but in fact is less clear in other aspects). And this goes on ad infinitum. IMHO we have too many guides - many of which are sufficient clear … but the VAST number only serves to confuse users more.

Having typed that, IMHO this is NOT a Tumbleweed specific issue, but its MUCH WIDER in scope and hence does not belong as a discussion in this Tumbleweed thread.

Reading this and the rest of the post, my :smiley: is just an involuntary reflex. IMHO? No, it’s a fact and never was there a truer posting as that response, and I don’t have an Nvidia!

Two things really:

the first one is that I have failed to find any guide discussing the details of replacing nvidia with nouveau, my problem but if my google skills are not up to it I’d be pleased if someone could offer a clue

the second, is that I didn’t realise that my post was so impolite that it required both SHOUTING and a FOAD so I apologise.

I am going to create a separate thread and move this post of yours (and your previous) to a that new thread. It does not belong here. I guess I failed to make my previous point, despite the upper case and despite the characters in bold.

This discussion as to "How to clear proprietary nVidia driver and replace with nouveau driver " was inappropriately brought up in this Tumbleweed thread (as it is applicable to all openSUSE versions and not just Tumbleweed):
HowTo: upgrade openSUSE 11.4 to Tumbleweed - Page 4

I am going to move selective contents of that thread here shortly (I need to wait some time first to allow the posts of that thread to propagate out on NNTP).

For NNTP users, I will post once this new thread in hardware is populated.

The post that started this discussion is quoted below:

Note the posts in this thread have mostly been moved from the thread “HowTo : upgrade openSUSE 11.4 to Tumbleweed”.

Note that removal of the nVidia driver and replacing with the nouveau driver is NOT part of upgrading to Tumbleweed, but rather it is part of maintaining tuning one’s Tumbleweed. Adding such posts to that thread makes an already long thread almost unreadaable. Whether the solution is Tumbleweed specific, or more openSUSE generic is not as relevant as the fact that if we put everything in one thread, our forum would be pure chaos. Its part of the responsibily of our moderators to try to add some logic to the chaos, and I ask that our membership have some understanding in this area.

Thankyou for your patience.

If in the course of the discussions on this thread it turns out that there is a Tumbleweed specific solution that is significantly different from any nominal openSUSE solution (for removing nvidia and replacing with nouveau) then by all means open a NEW THREAD on Tumbleweed. Please do not tag on to an already too long massive thread on a different Tumbleweed subject.

Again, thankyou for your patience in this matter.

Tumbleweed is geared for more advanced users and administrators. Is you are in that category, uninstalling an Nvidia driver should be very easy
and removing the last line “blacklist nouveau” from /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf also an easy task.

There is some discussion of the blacklisting process and the blocking / allowing of nouveau here: openSUSE Forums - Nvidia with Tumbleweed (AKA Install Nvidia the Hard Way)
That’s written for Tumbleweed but is 100% relevant for 11.4 standard (and 12.1 I suppose).

An interesting point is that installing the community RPMs for Nvidia in 11.4 creates a blacklist file independent of file /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf, and without any action by the user, so the use of that file is a bad thing in 11.4+ because it interferes with the current automatic process. Further, if a user who installs Nvidia drivers from the community RPMs (and thus automatically blacklists nouveau), if that user subsequently uninstalls those RPMs, the blacklist is automatically removed. That’s another reason why it’s now wrong to involve the file /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf.

Anyone using 11.4+ who has entered a nouveau blacklist in 50-blacklist.conf should remove it to allow the processes created by the developers to dominate.

@gerrygavigan, if you’re still around, can you please restate your original problem.

Wow! That seemed rather “tough” on a “student penguin”.

Ridding oneself of proprietary drivers does seem relevant to Tumbleweed update to me, as the Tumbleweed kernel doesn’t support them well - see Portal:Tumbleweed - openSUSE.

Its also not un-common to do same outside of Tumbleweed. The post was also added to a thread on how to setup Tumbleweed. NOT a thread now to remove a driver.

A new thread should also have been started.

Sometimes as mods we are far too lax in letting users tag any post they want on to any other thread, and we get PMs/reports from users complaining, then when we (as mods) react (or ourselves complain) and move the post we get other complaints in turn.

Its a darned if you do and darned if you don’t.

Anyway, clearly our views do not co-incide here. This thread has been dormant for a while, and unless there is technical content I don’t plan to revisit it.